Newton Fate 6 (Women)

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Introducing the Fate 6

The Fate 6 represents an evolution in Women’s footwear, our gender shaping and tuned Action Reaction Technology™ combine to give you the customized fit and performance you deserve to get the most out of every stride. Lace it up and go enjoy the best part of your day.

Fate Evolved

We’re proud to announce the Fate 6 is designed to set new standards of gender tuned fit and performance for Women. We crafted this shoe to make all the things you love better, while keeping it the perfect introduction for those new to Newton.


  • Weight (oz): 7.4
  • Drop: 4.5mm
  • Support: Neutral


  • *New Gender Specific Shaped Fit
  • *New Smooth Lining and Plush Tongue
  • *Seamless, Breathable and Durable Engineered Mesh
  • *Performance Lace and Tongue System for a Versatile, Secure Fit


  • *New Gender Tuned Action Reaction Technology
  • *New Gender Specific XPS Diffusion Plate
  • *New Gender Specific Tuned Membrane
  • *New Webbed Outsole for Smoother Ride
  • *New Newtonium Cushioning Added to Heel