Rock Sauce Icy Cold Pain Relief Cream

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  • Stronger vs. Competition - RockSauce Chill includes 6% Menthol, the active ingredient that provides pain relief. The most popular cooling roll-on only includes 4% – a difference of over 30%. Trust us, it’s a difference your muscles & joints will feel
  • COOLING SENSATIONS - Made with Menthol, RockSauce Ice delivers instant cooling sensations to sore muscles and joints to soothe Pain*. Combined with Arnica, Green Tea and Aloe to keep your body performing. NSAID, Sulfate & Paraben free.
  • Natural Ingredients to Soothe Swelling & Keep Skin Irritation-Free - Combined with Arnica, Green Tea and Aloe, RockSauce Chill soothes more than your brain…RockSauce is NSAID Free. Sulfate Free. Paraben Free.
  • Feel it Working Instantly & Lasts For Hours - Menthol for Pain: The menthol in RockSauce Chill, called an analgesic, creates a powerful cooling sensation that stops pain fast
  • Easy Roll-On Works on Various Body Parts: Upper & Lower Back, Knees, Hip, Shoulders, Neck, Ankles, Abdominal, Legs, Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, Wrists, & more. RockSauce is Dye Free, won’t stain clothes.