Sharper Image Flex Roller

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Massage multiple muscle groups (calf, thigh, arm, neck, shoulder) with silicone or foam rollers. The textured roller provide more surface stimulation and the smooth rollers are designed for deep tissue massage. Evenly apply pressure and fit larger sections of the body with the flex handle. The handle will bend and flex allowing for a wide range of uses and a more even massage. Pack up the roller and take it almost anywhere thanks to the compact design that allows it to fit in bags, backpacks, and more. The modular design enables the user to remove the single-handed grips to pinpoint smaller areas for a more focused massage.

  • Massage multiple muscle groups
  • Flex handle for larger areas and even pressure
  • Detach the single-handed rollers to pinpoint smaller areas
  • Pack and go anywhere with the compact size
  • Includes 8 attachments